Surgery can be a scary thing when you find out your pet needs it. We are here to help you understand what is going on with your furry companion, answer any questions you have and to provide the best possible care for them. We have a highly trained staff and state of the art monitoring equipment to ensure the entire process is as safe as possible. We strive to support both you and your pet through the entire process.

Before any surgery, we will discuss the benefits of:

  1. Pre-anaesthetic Bloodwork: With our in house equipment, we are able to provide diagnostic bloodwork on the day of surgery to provide information about the underlying health of the surgical patient.
  2. Intravenous Fluids:  This is a recommended safety protocol for all surgical patients.  It provides intravenous access during surgery and hydrates the patient as well. 

We perform many routine surgeries such as neuters, spays, laceration repairs and lumpectomies. We also perform more advanced procedures like eye surgeries and abdominal surgeries.

All surgeries at LVH are performed using a Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser.  Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers have become a standard of care in veterinary surgery. Delivering the ideal wavelength for all soft tissue surgery, CO2 lasers provide increased precision and result in reduced hemorrhage, swelling, pain and tissue trauma. CO2 lasers also facilitate many laser-improved and laser-specific procedures.