Diagnostics are offered through a wide variety of laboratory tests, both in clinic and at external laboratories for wellness screening and to promptly help assess a sick pet. Our patients cannot speak and tell us what is wrong, so we use your observations and our physical exam findings to make a treatment plan suited for your particular pet. We are able to perform in-house blood testing, comprehensive urinalyses, and fecal testing. Any advanced testing can be sent off 7 days a week to external labs for additional testing.

For pets with eye concerns, we can do diagnostics for a scratch on the eye with fluorescein stain. We can conduct a Schimer Tear Test to assess tear production and diagnose dry eye. We also have a Tonopen, which is a device used to measure eye pressure, which allows for early treatment of glaucoma (high eye pressure) or uveitis (low eye pressure). We simply administer a drop of freezing to the eye and it does not require sedation to perform.

A common concern for dog and cat owners are pets that have itchy ears and skin. The itchy pet not only causes distress for the pet but also sleepless nights for the pet owner!  We can help diagnose the issue with an ear smear to identify organisms in the ear.  As well, we can identify ear mites and skin mites as well as assess overgrowth of yeast or bacteria on the skin. Identification of the organism helps to target treatment with the best suited medication to resolve the infection.