We are happy to announce that our boarding facility is back open. We look forward to keeping your pets safe and comfortable while you are away.

Boarding your pet at LVH means you are trusting in our ability to provide professional, quality care.  As a veterinary clinic, we have knowledgeable staff to care for and meet your pets’ requirements.  Feel confident that your pets with medications and medical disorders will be cared for and monitored closely by attentive boarding staff.  Should anyone need medical attention, our veterinarians are available to care for your pets and give treatments if needed. Please contact us at Boarding@LVHcares.ca with any questions regarding Boarding services.

Boarding Requirements

Your pet must be up to date on core vaccinations.  Proof of vaccination must be presented or emailed prior to the stay.  All dogs must have the Bordetella vaccination (kennel cough).  It is mandatory your pet have a flea preventative.


We encourage owners to bring their pet’s food with them, however we do provide a top-quality digestible diet for those that prefer. 


We do provide comforters that can easily be laundered.  Sleeping decks are available for senior dogs.

Boarding Exercise and Outside Time

Dogs start their days at 7 a.m.  Their individual needs are met with either a solitary run or if they are social with other dogs in a group in the fenced field.  We encourage if your dog is social with other dogs, to take advantage of our daycare to help keep them entertained and exercised. 


We have a comfortable, at home like space with lots of natural light and perching areas for the curious cats.  They do not mingle with cats from other homes, but we rotate them over the day to have access to the larger space.  Beds and blankets cozy up their kennels to make them feel safe and sound.