Daycare Supervisor

Tammy, Daycare Supervisor

Tammy has been the daycare supervisor at Loyalist Veterinary Hospital since April 2002.  Prior to that she worked for twelve years at the Quinte Humane Society.  Her years of experience with many different dog breeds and behaviours make her invaluable as a daycare supervisor.  The bonds that Tammy develops with her charges are remarkable.  At lunch break you can usually find her joined on the futon with one or two furry friends.  She is able to bring out the best in each dog.  The rowdy ones respect her direction and the shy ones grow in confidence.  When not surrounded by dogs Tammy can be found with her husband at antique car shows or travelling the continent in their custom vintage van.

What is your favourite part of working at Loyalist Vet?
Working closely with the dogs and getting to play with dogs all day.