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We are now equipped with an Under-water Treadmill!

Hydrotherapy has long been recognized as beneficial for human conditioning and rehabilitation. The same benefits are available to dogs whether they are young, old, in competition, need rehabilitation or just need a relaxing form of exercise in an underwater treadmill system built just for dogs

Benefits of hydrotherapy:

  • Water buoyancy reduced gravity, disregarding concussive forces
  • Quicker recovery’s post-trama or post-orthopeadic surgery
  • Water provides resistance through the range of motion, enabling dogs with joint problems to lengthen their stride and increase the benefits of exercise while minimizing pain.
  • Warm water allows for comfort, pain reduction and increase blood flow that is beneficial in nerve and muscle growth
  • Everyday exercise for elderly dogs
  • Accommodates all sizes of animals

Click below to see some of our patients using the under-water treadmill