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Diagnosing and Treating Ear Infections

We are equipped to diagnose your pet’s ear infections in our lab here at our hospital. Ear infections are painful and uncomfortable for your pet. Common signs of an infection are shaking of the head and pawing at the ears. Often owners will notice a foul odour coming from the ears. Dark discharge partners with red and inflamed skin around the ear.

There are several different types of bacteria that could be present in your pets ear, which is why your veterinarian will want to see you for an appointment. A technician will take an ear smear and look at the slide under a microscope to determine what bacteria is infecting your pet’s ears. Your veterinarian will look in your pet’s ear with an otoscope which provides light and a magnified view to ensure there is no foreign material and that the ear drum is intact. Depending on what the doctor finds, he/she will prescribe you with the appropriate medication.

If you suspect your dog or cat has an ear infection you should make an appointment with veterinarian.