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Adult Dog Wellness

The first year of a dog’s life is equivalent to 15 years in a human’s life. Thereafter one year is equivalent to 7 human years.

We recommend:

  • Annual comprehensive physical examination
  • Vaccinations – distemper combonations and rabies as determined by your pet’s age and lifestyle needs. See optional vaccinations below.
  • Ova and parasite testing – Recommended annually. Worms and protozoa like our area.
  • Minipanel and urinalysis – These tests screen for liver, kidney and urine abnormalities.
  • Blood protein and blood cells are evaluated with this test.

Recommended annually:

  • Optional vaccines:
    • Lyme-recommended for prevention of Lyme disease from ticks-these live in areas where there are tall trees, grass, deer and squirrels.
    • Giardiavax-recommended for dogs in areas where water is drained from farms and wildlife areas.
    • Kennel Cough- recommended for dogs going to boarding kennels, shows, grooming, obedience classes or on walks where other dogs go.
  • Heartworm Testing:
    • We recommend heartworm testing every year in dogs. We have had several heartworm positive dogs in our area. We recommend every dog, especially outdoor, or country pets, to be on heartworm preventative medication. Please discuss your needs with your veterinarian.