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Welcome to our hospital! We take pride in our facility, and hope that you find the front office tidy, bright and inviting. When you enter into the front doors of our Hospital you will be greeted by one of our front-office staff.You can browse our assortment of toys, treats and food for your pet. We carry a variety of Veterinary diets including Hill’s Prescription Diets and Royal Canin. Many other brands can be specially ordered for your pets, so please feel free to inquire.

While you wait for your appointment you can watch our Cat Boarders or visit with our clinic cats Kiera and Sir Stanley.

Your pet will be examined in one of our 3 spacious examination rooms. Our exam rooms are equipped with a computer to input your pets medical records and view digital radiographs. Exam rooms also have a video otoscope to watch an ear examination performed live on the computer screen.After your pet is examined, routine vaccinations and routine procedures may be performed by a Veterinarian or one of our Veterinary Technicians.
The laboratory is where our diagnostic testing takes place! The laboratory is an important area equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment which allows the Veterinary Technicians to perform routine blood work, including complete blood count and biochemistries. We also perform ear smears, fecal smears and flotations, urinalysis, fine needle aspirates, cytology and more!

The treatment room can be a very busy place. Here, your Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians and Animal Care Attendants work together to give your pet care and treatment. This room is utilized by our patients who may have an ailment and by our patients requiring surgery.The treatment room is equipped with intravenous fluid pumps, medications and monitoring equipment including an Ap-Alert, and Pulse Oximeter. For surgeries, your pets hair is clipped and the skin is cleaned and sterilized here prior to entering our sterile surgical suites.

The treatment room has an intensive care unit where sick pets are monitored and cared for. Dental procedures are performed on your pet in this room using our ultrasonic scaler while your pet is maintained and monitored under general anesthesia.

  The hospital has two large separate surgical bays, both equipped with modern surgical equipment including a laser unit (please see “Services We Offer” section). The Veterinarians are able to perform routine elective surgeries like spays and neuters as well as more complex surgeries. Diagnostic laparotomies, fracture repairs and lumpectomies are performed on patients requiring these services.Your pet is kept warm during their surgery with electric heating pads and your pet is monitored using a pulse oximeter while under general anesthesia.
  The Radiology Department is located adjacent to the Treatment Room. We have a Digital Imaging Machine in order to help us capture a high quality image of your pet.Digital Images allow us to easily transfer x-rays to referral hospitals and specialists for consultation on difficult cases.

Our boarding facility is located on the north side of the building. We have 4 boarding rooms to accommodate any size dog. Boarding Rooms 1 & 2 have 7 runs each, boarding room 3 is reserved for our large guests and families of dogs, and boarding room 4 is for our smaller guests.Your pet has the option of daycare, Monday through Friday, in our 4000 square foot gymnasium during his/her stay with us.

We also offer a completely separate room for our feline boarders. Our feline boarding is located next to our reception area with a window allowing our feline friends to curiously watch as clients come and go.

If the weather if favorable, your pet also has an opportunity to play outdoors in our fenced area or stay in our fenced outdoor runs.

We offer a completely separate room for our feline boarders. Our feline boarding is located next to our reception area with a window allowing our feline friends to curiously watch as clients come and go.The room is comfortably suited with a fireplace, rocking chair and several kitty beds. Our feline boarding room is also equipped with spacious cages so we can accommodate more than one kitty at a time.
  Our gymnasium is 4,000 square feet and climate controlled. It is used for Daycare, Training and Agility Classes. It is located on the left side of the hospital with its own entrance.Wall to wall rubber matting.
   Daycare is offered Monday through Friday for dogs only! Your dog is given the option of play within our gymnasium or outdoors in our fully fenced yard if weather permits! If your dog is boarding with us, you also have the option of a full or half day of daycare during their stay.

 Rehab Centre

Our Rehabilitation Centre is a unique facility to the Quinte region offering treatment options for companion animals that are experiencing various physical problems or limitations.  The centre is an adjunct service to Loyalist Veterinary Hospital.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of companion animals by enhancing their recovery from orthopedic and neurological conditions, reducing and managing chronic pain while promoting health and wellness.

Rehabilitation Services Offered:

*Lameness evaluation

*Orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation.

*Underwater treadmill therapy

*Message Therapy

*Electrical Muscle Stimulation EMES

*Class IV Laser Therapy

*Therapeutic Exercise Equipment

*Chriopractic Care