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Feb 12 2013

Pet Dental Month is Here

February is Pet Dental Month and an important time to consider your pet’s oral health.  More than 85% percent of cats and dogs suffer from some form of periodontal and/or gum disease.  Periodontal disease and gingivitis can potentially affect other vital oragans that are susceptible to such infections; the lungs, heart, kidney and liver.  Some common signs of periodontal disease include halitosis, drooling, sore mouth, difficulty eating, tooth loss, pawing at mouth, bleeding gums and subdued behaviour.

To help promote dental awareness for your pets, Loyalist Veterinary Hospital offers complimentary dental examinations,  complimetary intraveous fluids for dentistries booked during the month of February and a complimentary bag of food appropriate for your pet’s lifestage.

Like people, pet’s require regular dental care.  By maintaing your pet’s oral health you will help them live a longer and more active life.  If you have any questions concerning your pet’s oral care please contact our healthcare team at (613)966-2519

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One thought on “Pet Dental Month is Here”

  1. Toshia Downs says:

    Very nice staff and they make ur pet feel comfortable!

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